Milo began dj'ing In Bristol with Nellee Hooper and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall around the
late 70's early 80's. Played an eclectic selection of music that included funk, new wave,disco, jazz fusion, reggae, soul, punk and later hip hop. After a while the reputation of Nellee, G and Milo grew and were given the nickname the "Wild Bunch" by the local Dreads for the music selection and "Different" dress sense. Started playing the St.Pauls Carnival (bristol) ,Wharehouse party's(London,Bristol etc) and a regular spot at "the Dug Out", which became their foundation. Met with local Music Pioneer/legend Mark Stewart upon securing a regular gig at the "dugout" nightclub who intern connected the crew with Nene Cherry amongst others.Mark and Nene would be a large reason for a lot the success milo and the rest of the crew would later get. Mark arranged battles with London outfits "The Language Lab crew" and the Legendary "Newtrament" from Ladbrooke grove(London) who would become a close Friend of the Wild Bunch.
Mark would also introduce us to Adrian Sherwood who's music was already respected by the Milo.

Milo Moved to London with Nellee and where they became the first major label rap signing in the UK and recorded "Friends and Countrymen",the Look of love etc. for Island records.
met up with the "Soul II Soul Crew" of Camden and played with them at the Africa centre in Covent Garden, Notting hill Carnival and other jams in North London. Formed a one off musical group with Peso of the fearless 4 and Keith Le Blanc of Tommy Boy records and played a live at the Astoria (London).

Through Nene, Dj.Milo travelled to Tokyo As a Dj for Ray Petri's Buffalo gang. Their Milo worked with Moichi Kuwahara who was the event organizer for Club king and designer Takeo Kikuchi amongst many other projects.
At this time Milo Dj''d with Hiroshi Fujiwara at "Mega Dance City" organized by Moichi.

Recorded "Return of the Original Artform" and "thumpin'" with Hiroshi and K.U.D.O for Major Force records. Toured Japan with The Jungle Brothers, Dj red Alert,Dj. Cash Money, Public Enemy and the Major Force all stars at various events.

Milo moved to NY in '89 and met Frank Mendez (Nu Groove records) who helped him set up a couple of small labels and recorded and released various underground tracks called Rough Disco, which would later end up on Tomato records (UK) and as an album in the US on Black label run by Felix Ortiz of Elegal records. Remixed "Feel the Fire" by Naomi Daniel for Carl Craig later around this time.

Milo would later hook up with a group of Harlem Hip Hop dancers who became the rap group "Zhigge". Milo and Salaam Remi would later record Zhigge's" album.
Remixed for Tokyo ska paradise, UFO, Takagi Kan, Schar dara parr, Janice Ian and Phoebe Snow w/Hiroshi Fujiwara.
Put out a limited edition mix cd's Food Vol 1 & 2 for Hideout (London) and Real Players & Surface Tension for Soph.(Japan).
Recorded "Voodoo" with Alley High, Fakin'Jacks -w/Chase, Buda nation-Harlem High
Compiled and recorded the mix cd "Story of a sound system; Wild Bunch" for strut/junior.
Wrote & Recorded "We Know" featuring Tricky for the Dave Chapelle movie "Half Baked".
Toured Europe and the U.S. with Tricky and recorded God's Bass (unreleased)
recorded Hip Hip folk and homesick w /takagi kan for his "Grassroots" album.
Recorded his debut album for Dimid records entitled "Suntoucher".


I grew up listening to a wide range of different music at an early age. The likes of Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Carol King, The Kinks, the Beatles etc from my mother and 60's Reggae, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding, James Brown, Aretha Franklin from My Father. Later i would go to school outside of my natural environment and meet new friends and the music they listened to like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, T-Rex, Roxy Music in the early days and later the punk scene.
I feel lucky to be born in such a time where we were able to enjoy such a wide variety of new music.It has shaped what i am today creatively and shaped the Mighty Wild Bunch Crew and what that has become. Nothing but good was destined to come from such influences, even though we didn't know it at the time. Playing good music loud was all we wanted to do. Be it Gang of four, A Certain Ratio, Kraftwerk, P-Funk, Lonnie Liston Smith, Joe Gibbs, Killing joke, Jah Wobble, or the Cocteau Twins. The music we played was meant for our small circle of friends but became an incredible journey that continues.