Recently a dear Friend or should I say my brother -in –law passed away this week. I want to take this time to reflect on the light “Bowie” shone on me personally. He was nothing but a class guy all around. When I first met my wife she introduced me to “Bowie” who was married to her sister and we become friends from that moment on. I think that very night we would spend the next month or so battling each other until 3 0r 4 am in the Nintendo game “F-Zero”. He usually always won, but for me it made me feel good knowing that there was another man of my age wasting so much time on kiddy games. I last saw “bowie” when he invited me to play at his “Bar Gattica anniversary party” in Roppongi hills last year. It was an honor to do this and be surrounded by so many old friends. It was evident at that time that “bowie” was loved by so many people.
It’s never a happy time to say goodbye to someone you care about before their time, but my last memory of “Bowie” will be seeing him incredibly happy at his party with his many friends.